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Outcome Reporting Bias in Trials


In the medical research field, it is well known that clinical trials achieving statistical significance are more likely to be submitted and accepted for publication. However outcome reporting bias, which has been defined as the selection for publication of a subset of the original recorded outcome variables based on the results, is a potentially greater threat to evidence-based medicine. This bias may lead to incorrect decisions concerning effective healthcare.

The ORBIT (Outcome Reporting Bias in Trials) team  have researched in the area of outcome reporting bias for over a decade.  Research areas have included providing the empirical evidence for its existence, estimating the prevalence and impact of outcome reporting bias and developing preventative initiatives (e.g core outcome sets; http://www.comet-initiative.org/) and statistical approaches for adjusting for outcome reporting bias in a review meta-analysis.  More recently the team has investigated the problem in harm outcomes and extended the research to look at selective reporting of analyses.

This website brings together all the research findings in this area and provides a platform for researchers to apply all the ORBIT methods by downloading the research tools that we have developed in a way that can easily be applied by non-methodolgoists.  There is even an option to contact an ORBIT team member such that we can help you with your assessments!